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9 best budgeting apps of 2024

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9 best budgeting apps of 2024

Most of us strive to save more and spend wisely, but amidst our daily commitments, keeping track becomes a daunting task. Enter budgeting apps—a lifeline to manage finances, savings, and investments. Seeking the best ones? Here’s a rundown of tried-and-tested apps:

1. Mint: Best for Credit Monitoring and Budgeting

Mint stands out for its credit monitoring prowess, offering detailed expense tracking, credit score insights, and goal management, all in one user-friendly platform.


  • Expense Tracking: Allows users to track and categorize expenses, providing alerts when nearing set budgets.
  • Credit Score Monitoring: Offers credit score tracking and data insights, including credit account age and payment history.
  • Goal Setting: Enables users to create and manage financial goals, such as paying off credit card debt or saving for specific assets.
  • Platform Flexibility: Accessible on web and mobile devices, ensuring synchronization across all user devices.


  • Free usage
  • Credit score monitoring
  • Goal tracking
  • Two-factor authentication


  • Sync issues reported
  • No investment features

2. YNAB: Best for Zero-Based Budgeting

YNAB focuses on zero-based budgeting, emphasizing real-time finance tracking, proactive security measures, and a simplistic interface for effective budgeting.


  • Real-time Finance Tracking: Provides up-to-date tracking across linked accounts, offering insights into spending habits.
  • Proactive Security Measures: Emphasizes data security across all devices to safeguard user information.
  • User-Friendly Interface: Designed for ease of use, catering to beginners in budgeting app usage.
  • Enhanced Data Export: Offers comprehensive data export features compared to other budgeting apps.


  • User-friendly approach
  • Free trial available
  • Encourages living on last month’s income


  • Limited free usage
  • Occasional lag reported

3. PocketGuard: Best for Simplified Budgeting, Easy Usage

PocketGuard simplifies budgeting by offering multiple account linking, real-time transaction updates, and automated budget tracking, making financial management effortless. Only users residing in the United States and Canada can access it through the Android and iOS stores.


  • Multiple Account Linking: Links various financial accounts, allowing users to view and manage transactions from one place.
  • Real-time Transaction Updates: Updates transactions instantly for effective monitoring of expenses.
  • Automated Budget Tracking: Sets up personalized budgets based on user goals and spending patterns.
  • Savings Suggestions: Offers insights into potential areas of savings and negotiable expenses.



  • Free version available
  • Automated budget tracking
  • Spending limits setup


  • Premium features in paid version
  • No web access


4. Honeydue: Best for Couple Budgeting

Honeydue caters specifically to couples, enabling shared expense tracking, joint account setup, and seamless financial management for partners.

  • Features:
  • Shared Expense Tracking: Allows couples to monitor shared expenses, including credit cards, bank accounts, and loans.
  • Joint Account Setup: Facilitates joint checking accounts, providing control over shared finances.
  • Seamless Transaction Sharing: Enables effortless sharing of transactions between partners for transparency.


  • Free full version
  • Seamless transaction sharing
  • Joint checking account


  • Limited to mobile devices
  • No rollover budget option

5. Personal Capital: Best for Overall Wealth Tracking

Personal Capital excels in comprehensive wealth and investment tracking, aided by robust budgeting tools and real-time reporting capabilities.


  • Wealth and Investment Tracking: Tracks overall wealth by connecting savings, checking, credit cards, and investment accounts.
  • Budgeting Tools: Provides budgeting options based on various financial rules and savings planning tools.
  • Real-time Reporting: Offers instant reporting on investments, spending, and overall financial status.


  • Free tool usage
  • Detailed investment tracking
  • Real-time reporting


  • High advisor fees
  • Manual spending tracking

6. Goodbudget: Best for Shared Envelope Budgeting

Goodbudget implements an envelope-based budgeting system, facilitating family-oriented budgeting with detailed spending reports and multiple device support.


  • Envelope-based Budgeting: Implements an envelope system, categorizing income into different sections for effective budgeting.
  • Multiple Device Support: Offers support for multiple devices, allowing family members to access the same account simultaneously.
  • Detailed Spending Reports: Provides comprehensive reports on spending patterns, aiding in better financial planning.


  • Free version available
  • Envelope fund transfer
  • Detailed spending reports


  • Limits in free plan
  • Manual logging required

7. EveryDollar: Best for Planning Future Purchases

EveryDollar aids in planning future purchases and debt settlement, guiding users through expense planning and simple budgeting strategies.


  • Debt Settlement Strategies: Guides users through strategies for settling debts effectively.
  • Expense Planning: Helps in planning future expenses and provides guidance on budgeting strategies.
  • User-friendly Interface: Offers simplicity in budgeting, suitable for individuals seeking basic budgeting features.


  • Free version available
  • User-friendly interface
  • Debt payoff guidance


  • Limited features in free version
  • No investment tracking

8. Simplifi: Nifty Budgeting and Finance App

Simplifi offers planned spending forecasts, enhanced spending reports, and personalized budgeting tools, allowing users to manage their finances effectively.


  • Planned Spending Forecasts: Projects future income and fixed expenses to avoid overspending.
  • Enhanced Spending Reports: Offers detailed spending reports, allowing users to compare spending patterns over time.
  • Personalized Budgeting Tools: Provides tools for personalized budgeting and keyword-based spending tracking.


  • Goal tracking features
  • Targeted budgeting capabilities


  • No free version
  • Limited investment tracking

9. Zeta: Budgeting App for Couples

Zeta focuses on shared expense management for couples, including bill calendars and joint savings goals, fostering financial collaboration between partners.


  • Shared Expense Management: Enables couples to manage shared expenses and track spending towards joint goals.
  • Bill Calendars: Provides bill reminders and shared calendars for managing shared financial obligations.
  • Joint Savings Goals: Facilitates joint savings goals, fostering collaborative financial planning for couples.



  • Free usage
  • Online banking for couples
  • Joint savings goals


  • Limited budgeting options
  • Region-specific availability
  • These diverse budgeting apps cater to individual preferences, aiming to streamline financial management and empower users to make informed monetary decisions in 2024.

These diverse budgeting apps cater to individual preferences, aiming to streamline financial management and empower users to make informed monetary decisions in 2024.

Demystifying Budgeting App Queries

Answering Key Queries about Budgeting Apps

In an era of heightened financial digitization, apprehensions about app safety and investment advice are common.

Is Your Financial Information Secure with Budgeting Apps? 

Budgeting apps, authorized by users, generally secure financial data. Yet, exercise caution and employ robust security measures.

Should You Trust Investment Advice from Budgeting Apps?

While apps may offer financial advice, seek professional guidance and perform due diligence before investing.

Would you like further details on any specific budgeting app or aspects of financial management?


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