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My name is Martin Wanjiku, and I am a freelance writer based in Kenya. I am the founder of Shillingland, a user-friendly website dedicated to Offering financial advice, suggestions, and ways to make money online.

Shillingland aims to help you manage your Pocket and show you various ways to make money online. Therefore, remember the name of this blog and bookmark it.

If you buy something through one of the affiliate links on this page, Shillingland may receive a referral commission, which will be greatly appreciated.

Reasons for Choosing Shillingland?

It would be best if you read from me for the following reasons:

Experience - I am a seasoned freelancer with similar issues as you.

Communication Skills - I try to answer all comments, inquiries, emails, Facebook messages, and Twitter messages as soon as possible. Consider me to be your advisor.

Curiosity - Curiosity is my valuable asset in becoming a better analyst. Learning, understanding, and assessing various strategies is my passion.

Marketing - I can assist clients in developing powerful and respected brands. Furthermore, I have a good understanding of how customers perceive a company and how to boost a brand's marketability and popularity.

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If you have any queries or comments, please contact us. Please contact me via email at martin@shillingland.com or by clicking here.